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What is the UEM?

The United Evangelical Mission is an international communion of 34 churches in Africa, Asia and Germany, and the v Bodelschwingh Institutuions Bethel. Its administrative office is in Wuppertal, Germany. The UEM also has regional offices in Africa (Dar-es-Salaam), Asia (Medan) and Germany (Wuppertal). Emerging from the Rhenish Mission Society, founded in 1828, and the Bethel Mission, founded in 1886, which came together in 1971 to form what was known as the Vereinigte Evangelische Mission, the new international UEM has been in existence since 1996.

The member churches of the UEM share money and power and take decisions together. From the very beginning, the new international UEM followed a holistic and inclusive approach to mission, endeavouring not only to preach the Gospel, but also to support and improve diaconic and medical services, access to education for the people and to promote justice, peace and integrity of creation.
What is the aim of the UEM?

The aim of the member churches of the UEM is to work together as equal partners between North-South and South-South, to strengthen and support each other in their programmes, to share responsibility and experiences with each other, to help people in situations of emergency and conflict and, thereby, to act together in bearing witness to the Word of Reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

What does the UEM do?

The UEM member churches support each other through the exchange of personnel and financial assistance. Particular priorities include diaconal work, combating HIV/Aids, working for the rights of women and children, scholarships, development co-operation, intercultural encounter and project promotion. Peace and human rights work is a specific programme priority.

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