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Here you can find reports about our life and our work. 

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December 2012: Good-bye, Pematangsiantar!

A last view around campus of STT, December 2012

Farewell party for Regina by the German department of FKIP, December 2012.

November 2012: Siantar

In November, we decided to take a parental leave during the last year of our contract (i.e. 2013). Therefore, during our last weeks in Indonesia we were busy organising, packing and saying "Good bye!".

September and October 2012: Siantar and Berastagi

During the last two months, two important church assemblies took place here in Sumatra. First, the Great Synod of HKBP elected the new leadership team of HKBP including our colleague at STT, Rev. W.T.P. Simarmata, M.Th., as ephorus (bishop) of HKPB. 

Then the general assembly of UEM gathered in Berastagi and (re-)elected the council of UEM.

The council of UEM.
Left: Secretary General Dr. Fidon Mwombeki; 3rd from the left: Ephorus W.T.P. Simarmata.
Back in the middle: chairwoman Regine Buschmann

Photograph: Reinhard Ehlbracht 2012

August 2012: Amsterdam

During our holidays in Europe, we visited the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam for the first time. The museum holds an outstanding collection about Indonesian history and ethnology, which includes the Batak tribes of Northern Sumatra. And it does not only display artefacts, it also reflects critically about colonialism and the relationship between the Netherlands and the colonies.

Wooden horse head for cultic use, Karo-Batak, 19th century. 

Photography Bergholz 2012

July 2012: Siantar

After the testing of the new students of STT (as usual we had almost 300 applications for the 80 available places at STT), the newly admitted students had a three week summer course, especially focusing on English language. This year besides our usual guests from Australia, we had also the Friedrich family from America joining our international teaching team!

(from the left): Thomas and Regina;
from the Lutheran Church of Australia: Marlene Plueckhahn, Mostyn and Maxine Roocke;
from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America: Nancy and Jim Friedrich, Jacob Friedrich. 

Photograph Bergholz 2012

June 2012: Sri Lanka

In June all co-workers of UEM working in Asia met in Sri Lanka. This was the second meeting of that kind after Bogor 2009

The Methodist Church of Sri Lanka offered us a deep insight in their daily work, and there was also enough time to reflect on our life and work in Asia. 

Lukas and Sri Lankan kids making intercultural experiences. 

Photography Bergholz 2012

May 2012: Sukamakmur

Regina was invited to give a keynote about intercultural relations for the partnership seminary of UEM in Sukamakmur (Karo), where Indonesian members of UEM were prepared for partnership activities with German institutions.

May 2012: Siantar

This week, we received the most important news for that year: STT HKBP is granted the accreditation of the National Indonesian Higher Education Committee (BAN-PT) with the final score of "B" (ranking from A-B-C). This is very, very good news, but only a first step, because this is only valid for the bachelor program. The master and PhD program are accredited seperately, and the process is not yet finished. STT has still a way to go, especially concerning the library.

Photograph: Improvised celebration for the accreditation, May 2012. Bergholz

May 2012

Our new (written) newsletter is available for download - but in German only.

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April: Pematangsiantar and Jakarta

On the 31st of March, the new library of the German department of FKIP was inaugurated. Thanks to Regina's efforts, UEM made a significant donation which was used to renovate the room and to buy a base stock of new books. Some German schools also donated books. Regina organised a seminary about the new standard German language book "studio d" in Siantar, and was also invited by the University of Jakarta (UNJ) to speak in Jakarta about the same topic.

More pictures from the inauguration of the library and the farewell to Mrs. Matzke can be found when following the links.

Photograph: Regina with the Dean of FKIP, Dr. Pangaribuan, and Silke Matzke. Bergholz 2012

March: Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia)

Thomas was invited to a conference at Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia). STS opened a new "Lutheran Study Centre". The topic of the conference was "Law and Gospel" (according to Martin Luther), and Thomas delivered a key-note speech about "Law and Church Order". Other speakers were Prof. Grosshans and Prof. Schumann from Germany as well as Prof. Pfitzner and Dr. Silcock from Australia.

Photograph: Students' choir of STS in traditional Malay dresses.

Photograph Bergholz 2012

February: Siantar and Lake Toba

Since the end of January, Silke Matzke from Jena was working as an assistent at the German department of FKIP UHN. Mrs. Matzke is a so called "short-time volunteer" of UEM. The picture shows the German department (students and teachers) making an excursion to Lake Toba, visiting some high schools to invite future students to the German program.

Photograph: Bergholz 2012

January 2012: Sidikalang and Pematangsiantar

This year's Christmas holidays were the first since 2008 we spent in Indonesia. We headed for Lake Toba, and had a really wonderful time there. For the first time we made it to Sidikalang, where one of Noah's kindergarten "Misses" was married. At STT, the new semester started in mid January as usual. Our first visitor was Mr. Apelt from the UEM archive, who gave a 2 weeks seminary for librarians - which happens to meet with the needs of STT, because STT has started planning about developing the library, which is of immediate urgency.




The year 2012 will become a decisive one, because the Indonesian Ministry of Education is evaluating all private tertiary level education institutions. Those which will not meet the new minimum national standard might lose the label "university". Concerning this, STT has two major problems: the library and the qualification of the lecturers, because only some of them are holding PhDs or ThD, most of them having only master degrees.

Photograph: Lukas attending a traditional Pakpak-wedding.
Right: Dr. M. Sitinjak (STT HKBP) and Dr. Anwar Tsen (Indonesian Bible Society) during a postgraduate seminary at STT HKBP

Photograph: Bergholz 2012